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The Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning

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Imagine you spent thousands of dollars replacing your air conditioning or heating just last year. Or maybe you purchased a new home that has relatively new ductwork wall-to-wall throughout. This is the kind of investment you want to protect. If well taken care of, a high-quality furnace can last ten years or more without showing its age.

But if you want your furnace to last that long, you have to know the right way to care for it. Many people invest hundreds of dollars in spot removers, home steam cleaners, and protective coatings without really knowing what they are doing. If used incorrectly, these products can actually do more damage to your home and even your health than simply leaving dust on the unit.

That’s where professional duct cleaning comes in. It is the only method of cleaning recommended by duct manufacturers, for many good reasons. Steam cleaning is safe for people with allergies, pets, and children. It effectively removes surface dirt and spots without causing further problems. Finally, it protects your duct from traffic wear, extending its lifespan significantly.

Steam Cleaning is Safe

Steam cleaning is a hypoallergenic process, using only hot water, suction, and non-irritating cleaning solutions. Instead of using soap or detergents like a home system, professional steam cleaners use proprietary solutions that won’t aggravate your skin or your lungs. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends people with serious asthma or allergies have their homes steam cleaned two to four times year, as this tends to reduce indoor allergy symptoms.

If you have children or pets in the home, steam cleaning is a better choice than over-the-counter spot removers or chemical dry cleaning. Both of those methods use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals which get left in your rug. When your children or pets lie, crawl, or roll on the ducting, those chemicals are transferred to their skin. Steam cleaning uses much safer cleaning products, and more than 95% of the chemicals and water used is removed during the cleaning process.

Because steam cleaning is non-toxic, you can have your ducts cleaned without interrupting your day. It won’t do anyone any harm to breathe near the workers or walk on the ducts even while the work is being done. It ends up being easier for the homeowner to tell a professional crew what areas they want cleaned and go about their day than to attempt to clean it themselves.

Steam Cleaning Won’t Damage Your Ducts

Many people make liberal use of retail spot remover products, especially if they have light-colored ducting. What people are not aware of is how much damage these products end up doing to the duct in the process of removing the spots. Without the suction provided by a steam cleaning unit, there’s no way to remove all of this chemical after you clean a spot. Many popular brands of spot removers, such as Resolve and OxyClean, contain oxidizers. These oxidizers act like a bleach when left in a duct over time, taking the color out of the rug.

Some people see this effect and think that the steam cleaning process left the bleach spots, but this is just not true. What happens is that the entire duct was evenly soiled, which hid the damage from the spot remover. The steam cleaning process removes nearly all of the dust and dirt, revealing the bleached spots. This is why it is better to simply blot up a spill and leave the spot alone until you can have the ducts professionally cleaned.

Another option people turn to for cleaning their rugs is consumer-grade steam cleaners, available in many places for purchase or rent. The issue with these units is that they lack suction. When you run a consumer-grade steam cleaner over your ducting, it puts down a significant amount of detergent or cleaning solution which it does not have the suction to remove.

Why does this matter? It matters because soap is sticky. The soapy residue attracts more dirt into your duct than would otherwise be there. Your ducts end up getting dirty again even faster. The soap itself can also cause permanent damage to the duct fibers, similar to the retailer spot remover products discussed earlier. Steam cleaning removes all of the cleaning solution put into the rug, so there’s no sticky residue & your clean ducts will stay clean, as long as you avoid tracking in too much mud.

Steam Cleaning Protects Your ducts

The biggest reason why people have to replace their ducting, besides spots and stains, is traffic wear. Traffic wear occurs along the places where people most commonly walk. It is a breakdown of the fibers themselves, and results in the duct looking flat and dingy. Even professional cleaning cannot completely remove the effects of traffic wear once it occurs.

The biggest culprit in traffic wear isn’t people, however; it’s dirt. Bits of dirt and debris in the rug get ground in under your feet. This wears out the duct much faster than if you were walking on clean duct. Having your ducts cleaned every six months to a year cuts their visible traffic wear in half.

Many professional duct cleaning companies also sell add-on products, such as deodorizers and protectors. These products take protecting your duct to the next level. A good deodorizer is an enzyme cleaner, which gets right into the duct and kills any odor-causing bacteria in the fibers. This is a good choice even if you don’t notice any odors, because it basically temporarily sterilizes your ducting. The protectors are silicone-based sprays which help cut down on stains and traffic wear. If you spill something on a rug with protector, the liquid is suspended at the surface for a few minutes, giving you time to sop it up before the rug is stained. The silicone protector also holds duct fibers more tightly together, preventing the flattening and fraying that is the hallmark of traffic wear.


If you love your ducts, keep them clean. They will last much longer that way. And if you don’t currently love your ducts, have them cleaned anyway. You might be shocked at how many of those “permanent” spots come out with the right tools and know-how. The color change in a dirty duct can also be dramatic after a professional steam cleaning. Anyone trying to rent or sell a home should absolutely have the ducts cleaned before showing it to potential tenants.

There’s no reason to be worried about steam cleaning, or to let it interrupt your daily routine. Having your ducts cleaned professionally is safe, smart, and simple. Make an appointment today with Duct Cleaning OKC.

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Top Orthodontist in OKC Metro

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Dental braces have long been in use for correcting dental problems that arise due to misalignment of teeth. Earlier, the braces were not just bulky but also, extremely painful and uncomfortable to wear. But, those days are now long in the past. Irrespective of the advancements made in the field of Dental braces there are still pros and cons that need to be known and assimilated to make a wise decision.

Pros of Dental Braces

With the help from orthodontist okc, make teeth tymmetrical – braces are helpful in correcting the alignment of teeth and make them symmetrical. This makes for a more bewitching and beguiling smile. Not only does the perfect or near perfect symmetry of teeth, makes a person feel more presentable but also, helps in raising their confidence level.

Solve the Problem of Overbite and Underbite – some people find it difficult to bite and chew food. This happens because the teeth are not settled in their right positions. As such the biting action is not proper. Braces help to correct this problem by gently pushing the teeth into their rightful places.

Help Close Mouth Properly – some people suffer from the problem of a slightly open mouth. Again, this issue arises when the teeth are not placed where they ideally should be. Sometimes, with advancing age, the forward movement of teeth makes the problem even more obvious. This too can be remedied by wearing the right kind of dental braces. You will not have to feel embarrassed any more as, at the end of the treatment period your mouth will close, as it should.

Cons of Dental Braces

Bad Breath – dental braces need to be worn for really long hours for them to be effective. As such, braces that cover the complete set of teeth often make for bad breath. This happens because of food debris that tend to get trapped between the braces and the teeth.

Uncomfortable Wearing – braces are not a natural occurrence. They are an artificial aid for correcting the alignment of teeth. So, as a foreign object inside the mouth, it is quite uncomfortable to wear until you get the hang of it.

Can Cause Cavities – food particles that get trapped between teeth and braces tend to cause cavities. Although, this condition was more prevalent with the fixed wired braces but, it has not completely vanished with the use of removable braces.

Difficulty in Brushing – removable braces do not pose any problems while brushing teeth. On the other hand, people who still use the traditional braces find it difficult to brush their teeth properly. They face frustration while brushing the area where braces are in direct contact with the teeth. This is because the bristles of the brush cannot reach the area of contact mist of the times. As such brushing properly is next to impossible.

The pros and cons of dental braces should not put you off them. They are more to make you aware of what is good and what bad can happen. In this manner, you will be well armed to take the necessary preventive action timely.

Tulsa Foundation Repair

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It’s a great opportunity to end your quest for establishment repair in Tulsa and call the specialists at PowerLift Foundation Repair. Regarding the matter of private and business establishment repairs, let the experts deal with your issue in light of the fact that you have enough to manage. Being a pioneer in establishment repair, we consider our work important which is the reason we have a protected framework to repair establishment issues. Our PowerLift System is designed to convey the best results when balancing out and raising structures to settle establishments. With the utilization of new materials, your establishment will be superior to anything it was before and you can have true serenity with our fulfillment ensure.

At the point when PowerLift visits your home or business, we will assess the greater part of the alternatives that are accessible to you for securing your establishment. These choices can incorporate any mix of straight steel docks, helical wharfs, mudjacking, and high thickness poly froth. There are applications when straight docks are not the right answer simply like there are times with froth is not a fitting arrangement. All in all, straight docks are utilized inside and when the ground is not very difficult to enter.

At the point when utilizing straight wharfs, we utilize the house’s heaviness to drive it more profound into soil until we achieve a firm establishment of soil, a great deal of times that can be bedrock. Areas of funnel are embedded straightforwardly into the ground and utilizing our protected synchronized lifting framework we push the channel more profound into the ground. When we get to the end of that pipe, we weld another area on and proceed with the procedure until we achieve the strong point we are going to attach the house to. Steel plates are welded to the highest point of the funnel segments and those are stuck to the establishment. At the point when the ground turns out to be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to infiltrate, this is the place helical wharfs are great. The helical wharf acts much like a screw and transforms into the dirt burrowing itself more profound. This permits us to get more profound without putting an excess of weight on the house. Helical docks are normally too substantial to utilize inside since the extent of gap for the wharf will be fairly huge. With the utilization of helical docks, just the first segment of funnel is not quite the same as the ordinary wharfs. It has the screw head toward the end which burrows itself more profound. The completing procedure is the same as straight docks.

Different alternatives for settling the establishment incorporate mudjacking and high thickness polyurethane froth. Mudjacking is for the most part used to raise inside solid floors. After an establishment is poured and settles there can be a void left in the space underneath the establishment or ground water can gradually move that dirt out – with mudjacking we can infuse mud under the establishment and fill that void which will take the floor back to level. This works awesome for vast open zones where there is a recognizable inward segment. Mudjacking all in all does not raise the floor a considerable measure but rather helps fill the void and will raise the floor some. For greatest floor lifting force we utilize high thickness polyurethane froth establishment repair. This froth goes in and grows to fill the voids. This can lift your solid establishment past what mudjacking can. Froth solid repair is additionally utilized on garages to take them back to level. A little opening is penetrated in the solid and the froth is pumped into raise the piece back to square.